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Government of Canada Announces Funding for Window of Quebec

Date: July 22, 2022
Place: Ottawa in Canada:
Government of Canada to fund ZMQ Global innovative project called 'Window of Quebec' for fight Racism and discriminations at workplace. The project will use the “YourStoryTeller” technology to create “digital talking comics” that will document grassroots testimonials of five marginalized communities in Quebec (Indigenous, Black, Arab-Muslim, Latin American and South Asian). The digital tool will aim to build knowledge, change attitudes and develop new practices to address systemic barriers within the employment sector.

Strengthening diversity and inclusion is fundamental to fostering and promoting a more consciously inclusive society, where everyone is able to participate fully in the economic, cultural, social, and political spheres. Racism, and all forms of discrimination, is one of the main causes of social and economic barriers for many Canadians. At the National Summit on Islamophobia, the Government of Canada announced support for eight projects through the Anti-Racism Action Program that address Islamophobia and aim to remove systemic barriers faced by Muslim communities.

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