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MIRA Channel (also called as Women Mobile Lifeline Channel) is an integrated mobile phone channel to provide health information to rural women and connect them with public health services using mobile phones in low-resource settings. The objective of MIRA is to enable women improve health indicators by self-managing their health and reach towards a larger goal of women empowerment using digital connect.

MIRA was launched on 8th March 2012 on International Women’s Day. It has multiple sub-channels like Pre-natal care, Child immunization, Newborn care, Family planning and Adolescent health issues with an objective to improve maternal and child health through RMNCH+A approach. Each sub-channel has multiple tools which delivers information to women through interactive edutainment tools by building their knowledge and creating awareness on critical health issues, and ultimately connecting them to the public health services.

MIRA works as a ‘Talking Machine’ for rural women. MIRA enables women to access health information in form of rich-iconic interactive toolkits, calculators and trackers such as pregnancy week-by-week tracker, immunization-tracker, menstrual-cycle calculator, family planning tracker and infection-prevention toolkit. MIRA uses iconic messaging, supported with micro-audio messages in local language, making it an interactive talking toolkit designed for millions of semi-literate women understand easily.