Advisory Board

Dr Stavia Turyahabwe:
Assistant Commissioner NTLP, Uganda
Dr Stavia Turyahabwe (She/Her) is a Public Health Specialist and currently works as the Assistant Commissioner TB Leprosy Control at the Ministry of Health (Uganda). In last few years, she has led the team to transform the national TB response with improvement in TB prevention, treatment coverage and treatment success. She has worked in different capacities at national and sub national level in the control of tuberculosis, and with various organizations in the HIV AIDS care and prevention.
Dr. Asqa Shaikh
Associate Professor, Community Medicine, HIMSR, India
Dr. Asqa Shaikh (She/Her) is an Associate Professor, Community Medicine at Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, New Delhi (India). As a transgender woman, she is a role model in society. She is engaged in multiple social development programs in India.
Firoza Wahedy
Social Entrepreneur
Firoza Wahedy (She/Her) is currently based in Herat (Afghanistan). She is a Peace Trainer who trains and develops women sportsperson in Afghanistan. She also runs a non-profit organization and empowers to women on maternal and children rights, adolescent girls’ right and SRHR.
Namatirai Zinyohwera
Development & Revenue Growth Leader
Namatirai Zinyohwera (He/His) is an experienced revenue growth leader who expertise in developing business models in African context. Based in South Africa, he consults various UN projects as a mentor. He is also an ardent supporter of South-South collaboration model and works towards the growth of start-up culture in the Global South.
Vijayant Chabbra
Director & Partner
Vijayant Chabbra (he/His) is seasoned business development mentor who specializes in developing brands from the scratch and taking to a scale globally. His expertise is expanding the franchise network of businesses at a global scale.