Mobile for Development (M4D) is a technology initiative to create practical and sustainable mobile solutions & services to enable social development by connecting them with people. M4D provides mobile technology solutions for social and development programs with a holistic approach. It works towards creating a sustainable model by partnering closely with organizations, and understanding the key challenges they face in implementing the program. There are various challenges an organization faces in implementing a technology based social program at different project stages vis-à-vis – design, development, implementation and continuation. One of the most crucial building blocks for a successful and sustainable mobile technology program is to forge strong partnerships across multiple sectors, and synchronize them, all in one. The solutions are designed by integrating technology with a complete value chain system.

M4D creates strategic tie-ups with multiple sector partners involved in the project like mobile operators, device manufacturers, government, private sector, research organizations, local NGOs and CBOs to ensure effectiveness of the program. M4D identifies organizations needs, study feasibility, develop solution, help in dissemination, train the communities & trainers, provide impact report, measure success, and assist in scaling the solution at a global level.  It also prepares innovative business models to make solutions viable and sustainable over a period.